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The number one time recording system for all grant projects

Timecontrol is the number one online time-tracking application for national and European grant schemes. With Timecontrol, you keep full control of all your grant projects, preventing you from having to pay back grants.

Timecontrol has been extensively audited by Dutch National Audit Service at the behest of the European Union. The audit revealed that Timecontrol satisfies all requirements relating to the European grant programmes. As such, Timecontrol is a highly reliable tool.


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Grant administration accessible to everyone

With Timecontrol, all relevant project information is accessible 24/7. You can see right away for which projects hours have been charged. The supervisor and/or project manager has insight into the hours and can take action wherever necessary. Effective checks will make sure that your employees will charge their hours at the right moments. This way, you’ll always be on time with the approval and authorisation of project hours. In all these respects, Timecontrol differentiates itself from all other grant-related time registration systems available on the market today.

Timecontrol also features extensive export options, enabling you to directly forward your grant administration to the grant provider or auditor at all times. Timecontrol is completely customisable to the wishes of your own organisation and therefore very user-friendly. You can present your own corporate layout and design and link this with your own financial application.


What will you get?


High returns on funded projects
Extensive functionality
Optimum time-tracking tool for project managers
Satisfies time-tracking requirements set by WBSO, EFRO and Horizon2020, among others
Possible interface with HRM and financial package
Integration with Office products possible
Also available in English
Completely customisable to design and wishes of your organisation


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